Friday, February 8, 2013

He Loves his Pictures

Noah loves pictures and recently I was looking around his room and noticed there weren't enough pictures around. The crafty girl in me wanted to make him some picture frames but he's been known to take them off shelves or where ever they are and hold them so I didn't want to use glass frames. I opted to just use plain old plastic frames and just let the pictures speak from themselves. 

So I gathered up some pictures and framed them while he was at school. When he came home they were in various different spots of his room; a couple spaced out on the bookshelves, two on the dresser, and one on the bed side table. My the time he went to bed, I walked in his room and found this........

Yep, he moved all the pictures in a little pile on his bedside table so he could see them better! 

(PS. I moved them back the next day and he did it again. Too cute!) 

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