Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Noah's New Wheels

After nearly a year of paperwork, appeals, patience, and prayers Noah finally has new wheels! The process of getting a new wheelchair is typically a slow one but this one set a record for Noah. We began the process in August of 2011! We all (including his physical therapy team) were shocked to see the chair when it arrived!

I call Noah’s new wheels the Cadillac of wheelchairs because it’s so big and fancy. Check out that seat! 

Even with the success of the Scoliosis surgery, Noah continues to lean to one side and this seat is a contour seat. They sat him into something that sort of resembles a bean bag and molded it around him and use that to create the seat so it gives Noah more support where he specifically needs it.

It’s hard to tell but the metal base of the wheelchair is actually a very dark purple. He chose that himself. 

He is having a smidge of trouble getting used to using the chair in the house. Since it is bigger than the old chair, he has trouble making some of the turns. He can't make them as wide as he used to but is trying very hard and seems very determined to learn how to maneuver his new chair on his own. 

There is one big change for all of us with the new chair. Since it is much bigger and heavier than the old chair, it is difficult for J to put it in the back of our SUV and it doesn't fit in the back unless the wheels are down, so we have had to add the wheelchair carrier to the back of the truck which we have currently only used for long car trips. 

Overall, we are so happy and thankful to have Noah's new wheels! 


  1. Fancy schmancy! Yay for Noah's new wheels! :)

  2. so happy he got his new chair!!!