Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dollar Store Basket Makeover

I needed a basket for a for a baby gift and I wanted something fun and cute that would match the decor so that it could be used for storage in the baby's room later. 

I found this basket at The Dollar Tree. It's kind of cute as is. But I knew I could make it cuter. 

So I gathered the basket, some scissors, my hot glue gun, and some ribbons that I knew would match the baby's bedding.

I simply weaved the ribbon in and out through the holes in the basket. Just make sure it is straight and doesn't turn and keep weaving it all the way around. 

When you get all the way around the basket, you will just tuck the ribbon into one of the holes and glue it down on the inside of the basket. 

Do that for all the rows on the basket and you'll have an adorable basket! You could use all the same kind of ribbon or use different contrasting ribbons as I did. 

Then just fill up your basket with whatever! I added some baby socks, onesies that I decorated, bottles, and some other baby necessities. Then I covered the basket in cellophane, tied a bow with some of the left over ribbon, and hung a little ducky from the bow and voila! 

An adorable baby gift in a cute basket that once started out as a plain ole' boring basket. 

The sky is the limit with this project - you could make some that match your child's bedroom decor for storage, you could use fun colors and make a birthday basket, use college colored ribbons and make a survival kit for someone heading off to school in the fall, etc! 

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  1. You seriously have the cutest ideas. I'm sure she'll LOVE it (or did already).

  2. This is an adorable project! So simple yet it makes a great statement! Saw you at Someday Crafts and happy to be following you via GFC!

  3. I found this at Someday Crafts link party. My sorority used to do this all the time for big/lil week, but I never thought to do it for gift baskets! I would love it if you checked out my blog @ www.woodsfamilyofthree.blogspot.com =) I am a follower of yours now!

  4. Thanks so much for linking this project up on Tuesday's Tidbits! I'm featuring on this week's party! Hop on over and share something on this week's party!


  5. wow fabulous idea thank u for sharing pics !love it

  6. That is so awesome. When I saw the picture at Cheerios and Lattes I was going to comment and say that it is a great idea for a gift basket, but you beat me to it! I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim!