Monday, January 10, 2011

His and Hers Signs

When I was giving my niece a tour of our new home, she saw the two closets in our bedroom and commented, "His and Hers closests; how cute!" I'd never thought of them as his and her closets until that moment but I loved it and knew that I would make his and hers signs for each of our closet doors. Months later I finally had time to do it. 

This is a great way to dress up our boring closet doors but if you don't have separate closets, you could use his and her signs above your spots in the bed, in your areas of the bathroom, on knobs of a dresser if you have separate dressers. I think these would make a cute wedding gift idea too. They were easy and inexpensive to make. 

Items needed:
2 wooden plaques (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each.) 
Scrapbook paper (I chose to use printed for the background of the plaque and plain colored cardstock for the letters.) 
Mod Podge

1. Trace the plaques on the back of your printed scrapbook paper. Cut it out. I always cut a little bit outside the line and then sand later.
2. Brush on a very thin layer of Modge Podge and lay your scrapbook paper on. Press firmly to smooth out any bubbles or ripples. Brush on another think layer of Mod Podge. Let dry for several hours.
3. Sand the edges. You could just cut your shape out exactly and not have to sand but I like to sand because I feel like that makes it adhere a little better. 
4. Next, I used my Slice machine to cut out the letters out of solid brown cardstock. I used the Basic font for "His" and the Spring font for "Hers". If you don't have a die cut machine, you could always print the letters and then trace them onto your cardstock or use sticker letters. Glue on your letters.
5. Attach some ribbon to the back of your plaque using a strong glue such as a E-6000 or a glue gun. 

That's it! You could always embellish more with flowers or other shapes but I wanted to keep these really simple. 

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  1. I love it! I was looking for 'his' & 'hers' sign for our new house, and I might just make a pair of these. Thanks for sharing!