Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Bathroom

On Tuesday I shared with you pictures of Noah's new room and today I'll share pictures of the bathroom with you.

We knew the bathroom needed to be painted but we weren't sure what color. J kept suggesting orange as he did with every room. (Our entire house would be Clesmson orange and purple if I let J and Noah have their way!) We also needed a new shower curtain so we decided to base the paint color on the shower curtain.

My Mom and I went to Target where they have an excellent selection of shower curtains. In fact, I was quite overwhelmed. Naturally I'm drawn to teal, pink, and browns but with the kitchen already being light teal and our bedroom being brown and teal I didn't want to go overboard with brown and teal in the house. I narrowed it down to two shower curtains both of which had the same color scheme of a salmon orange, mustard yellow, forest green, brown, and dark teal. One of the shower curtains was striped and the other one was more whimsical and had funky trees and cute little owls. I decided to go with the whimsical shower curtain because of the cute little owls.

We decided to paint the bathroom the salmon orange color in the shower curtain. I took the actual shower curtain with us to Lowe's when we were buying paint and they color matched the paint to the shower curtain.  I call it Clemson orange on estrogen since it is a more feminine orange. LOL So J sort of got his orange bathroom after all.

Ok, on with the pictures. We'll start with a before shot....

And now after shots.......

I made that valance too. 

See the cute little owls and chimpmunks 
Baskets I spray painted to hold toiletries and what not.

Cute little owls I paper pieced using a pattern from Little Polka Dot.

A close up of the cute lil' owls
(Their names are Hoot and Who and no I didn't name them myself!)

My BFF sent me that adorable owl hand towel. 

As we were painting the bathroom, that orange was looking so bright and I didn't think I was going to love the finished result but now that the shower curtain, space saver, towels, and new light are in the bathroom it is definitely growing on me!


  1. Hi Coley, LOVE LOVE LOVE this bathroom...the owls are totally adorable and you did an awesome job!

  2. Oh My SO CUTE!!! I love the theme you picked out and the colors too :) THanks for the link to my shop and your Little Whoo owls turned out super cute!


  3. SOOOOOOOO cute!!!I love, love, LOVE it! Love that you posted "Before" picture too :) You're so cool Coley socks!

  4. Once again, you have done an amazing job!!!!