Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Kitchen: Light Teal with Cherries on the Side

I've shared Noah's room and the bathroom and now I'm finally ready to reveal my favorite room in the house thus far I think: the kitchen!

The kitchen needed a makeover desperately. It was green and if you like green I think it would be OK, but green really isn't a "me" color. I love teal and thought some shade of teal/turquoise/aqua would be lovely but I wasn't sure what direction to take it until I started doing a little surfing online and found this apron which became my inspiration for the kitchen.

(Funny, I don't even own this apron.... yet. It will have a special spot in my kitchen at some point!)

So we went with a light teal blue on the walls with red accents.

This kitchen has two built in components that I adore. One of them in a built in hutch that sits in the corner of the kitchen right near where we put our table. And the other is built in open cabinets that are above the sink. I'm not crazy about the counter tops but baby steps, right! 

Let's start off with some before pictures.......

So we painted the walls aqua chiffon......

I think it turned out beautiful!
Here's a view from the doorway of the kitchen. 

The open cabinets above the sink. LOVE them. And I love how great the red dishes a la' Target look on the bottom shelf and the teal Paula Dean cookware looks on the top shelf!  

A close up of the glasses becasue they are polky-dot! And you know how much I love polky-dots!! 
(Also from Target.)

Here's a close up of the "art" that is above the sink. I put the pot holders on little hooks which makes them decorative yet functional at the same time. I made the art in the middle. The cherries are buttons that I sewed on to white fabric with felt leaves "framed" in an embroidery hoop which I spray painted red. 

And here's a shot of the kitchen table with the hutch in the corner. 

And a close up of the art I made that hangs near the table. 
That's just a wooden plaque I decopauged with some red/teal polka dot paper and then I glued on an old fork, spoon, and knife which I had spray painted a light teal to match the walls. The word "enjoy" is just a vinyl wall decal. 

And the art in the middle of the hutch. 
That's just a dollar store plate and vase I spray painted and then mod podged an S on the plate and filled the vases with artificial flowers and tied a red ribbon around it. 

And now you have seen the kitchen!!
 I love cooking now because I just love being in there! 

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  1. OMG LOVE it! You did an amazing job Coley. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm loving the blue and red. Super cute kitchen!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kitchen...can I move in ????Please Please :) You are so talented and it really shows here...totally adorable and you need to buy the apron :)

  4. Wowow your kitchen is adorable!

  5. I love love love your kitchen!!!! So cute!!! Very retro but yet really cool and vintage. Good job Coley!!!

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Coley, SO cute! You're so creative and you have the BEST eye for what colors to look good together. And for the record, that green is kinda nasty LOL

  7. SO cute!

    My kitchen's aqua and red, too. Love it!

  8. What a fun color combo!!! I bet you spend a lot more time in your kitchen now :)

  9. Very pretty kitchen! Love the RED!

  10. LOVE your color combo!
    ~Nike from THRIVE

  11. Love, love this color combo!!! Turned out so nice! :) Stopping by from CSI.

  12. This is my favorite color combination right now! Bravo!

  13. LOVE the color with the cherries ... just a gorgeous color ... I keep trying to find somewhere in our house to use this ... one day I will cause I do think it is just gorgeous!!