Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Noah's first day of school after a long, exhausting summer.  At his open house last week, we talked with his teachers and physical therapists and they assured us that if Noah seemed tired or uncomfortable and needed to get out of his wheelchair for a bit that it wouldn't be a problem so we felt fine with sending him for the whole day in his regular wheelchair. While the reclining wheelchair was a must this summer, I was very glad to see the Home Health people drive off with that big, bulky, hard to push wheelchair!

Noah was super excited for school when he woke up this morning and easily got dressed. I was excited for him as well but also a bit melancholy. Usually I'm ready for the break and excited by the time school starts in August but I think Noah's long surgery and recovery this summer brought us closer together and I found myself  teary eyed as the bus pulled off.

Noah had a great first day - a sign that is going to be a great school year! I leave you with a picture of my boy looking handsome and grown up while showing off his new Clemson (of course!) back pack.

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