Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Magic

Our nickname for Noah at this time of year is “Mr. Christmas.” He really seems to embrace the season as much as possible and loves all things Christmas. It wasn’t always like this though. There were so many Christmases that he just didn’t really pay attention or it just overwhelmed him.

But now, he gets so excited for the Christmas season. The excitement usually starts right after his birthday in October. That’s when we started counting down the days till he could up his little tree in his room, which in our home is either Thanksgiving night (depending on how tired we are from Thanksgiving) or sometime during the weekend directly after Thanksgiving. Noah’s little tree always goes up first and he is always so excited for it. 

Each afternoon when he gets home from school, we turn the lights on his little purple and orange tree. He gets so excited each time I turn them on even though they were just twinkling for him the day before. He goes to bed with the lights twinkling. I’ll peek in on him and see him just lying in his bed staring at the little tree. After a while, he’ll roll over into his little spot close to the bedrail and drift off to sleep with visions of Christmas magic dancing through his head. And before I go to bed, I tiptoe into his room and turn the lights out.

I love his innocence. I love the magic of the season. I love seeing Christmas year after year through my boy’s eyes.

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