Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Mantle

I've had my mantle completed and decorated for Valentine's Day for a bit now, I just keep forgetting to share pictures. Since it's almost Valnetine's Day, I figured I better get on it!

This mantle is a bit more sparse than usual but I like it. 

 Decopauged Xs and Os in the middle of the mantle

On the left side is the rose petal framed heart I created, and a picture of Noah that was already framed in a different room that I just brought to the mantle because it went with the decor so well.

On the right side is another candle and my chalkboard picture frame.

Close up of one of the candles. 
I just wrapped it in a piece of scrapbook paper, secured it with tape in the back so I can easily take it off later, and tied a bow with some red ribbon.

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