Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paisley's Gotcha Day

When we brought Paisley home a year ago, it was not planned. Well, it was sort of planned. We had been talking about getting a dog but I wanted a dog and not a puppy. I wanted a dog that was about a year old. I thought that with a dog about  a year old they'd have some of the hyper puppy-ness out of them and be better with Noah. Ending up with a puppy just kind of happened but in hindsight I am so glad that it happened that way.

She's growing up around Noah and special needs kids and has so much patience with them. In the beginning, she did jump on Noah a bit but she quickly learned not to jump or lick his face. She's grown up going to Miracle League games with us and I'm always amazed and proud at how good she is with those kids. Sometimes they might not be the most gentle hands to pet Paisley but she patiently just sits there and lets them pet her. She's never tried to bite or snap at any of us, well except when playing. 

Noah loves her pieces. We all do. She has captured a special place in all of our hearts, turned me into "one of those people," and I'm very glad she came into our lives one year ago today!

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