Friday, September 18, 2009

My BFF's Engagement Photos

My BFF is getting married in November!

One of the things she and I both share is a love of photography. She's quite good at taking photos. In fact, some of my favorite photos of myself were taken by her. She came to my Mom's house on Sunday afternoon to join in on my Mom's birthday celebration and my pre-birthday celebration. We had previously decided to try and squeeze in a little time for me to take some engagement photos of her and her soon to be husband. Lani and I have spent hours online looking at photography blogs so I knew what type of photos she loves and what she envisioned. 

So we headed to this sweet little downtown area about ten minutes away from my parents' home. I didn't realize there were so many cute photo ops down there. A park, cool buildings, railroad tracks, and more! I took a ton of photos and have lots of favorites and they may not necessarily be a favorite for the quality of the photo but instead either something funny that was going on at the moment or the symbolism behind the photo. 

I had such a hard time choosing which pics to post here because I love so many of them, but here are a few of my favorites:

At the Railroad Tracks: 


Buildings, Alleys, and Areas Downtown:




At the Park:



At the Tree:
Back story: Clinton actually proposed to Lani by a tree so while this wasn't "their" tree, I still think these pictures have special meaning.


Fountain Area:



We have to have a few black and whites:

I'd seen a story board on another website and decided to give one a try.
Below is what I came up with.


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    yep, that's all! =)

  2. Coley I love the pictures!!! :)

  3. great pics Coley