Tuesday, September 15, 2009

33 Random Things about Me

In honor of my 33rd birthday tomorrow, I thought I'd share 33 random things about me some of which you may know and others you may not know.
  1. I was born three weeks late and I think I'm still always running late.
  2. I weighed 5 lbs and 13 ounces when I was born. 
  3. My birthday, Sept 16, is also Mexican Independence Day.
  4. I'm a southern girl and proud of it. I even say y'all sometimes!
  5. I lived in Mississippi until I was 11 and then moved to South Carolina.
  6. I’ve got two amazing parents. Sadly it took me growing up to realize just how amazing they are – but hey, isn’t that what growing up is all about?!?
  7. I have one sibling – a little (ok, well younger is a better word now that he is taller than me) brother named Andy.
  8. My son Noah was born six weeks early, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autistic tendencies. Although he is a handful, I can’t picture my life without him – special needs and all.
  9. Noah’s middle name is after my brother’s first name. (It’s Anderson.
  10. I’ve visited the shotgun house (I would call it a shack but my Mother insists it isn’t a shack, but it was one room) Elvis Presley was born in and the now famous Memphis Mansion he died in.
  11. I was very involved in music and chorus in high school and went on a chorus trip to Washington DC where we sang at the Kennedy Center for Preforming Arts.
  12. I married my soul mate on a baseball field. (Yes, I still had a pretty dress.
  13. Someone (my bestest bud) named their kid after me! (A little boy named Nicholas, which is the male version of Nicole in case ya didn’t know, and I refer to him as “my namesake”.) Oh yeah and he was born three weeks early on Noah’s birthday – odd coincidence!
  14. I eat pizza really weirdly! I use a fork and scrape off all the cheese and toppings, eat the crust, then eat the cheese and toppings. Weird, weird, weird I know, but to each his own – or her own in my case.
  15. I love Mexican food. 
  16. I’m allergic to pepperoni, sausage, and hotdogs.
  17. I like Japanese food, sushi, and can eat with chopsticks.
  18. My favorite type of cake has to be the caramel cake from the Mississippi State Bakery but since that's super far away cheesecake or cookie cake will do. 
  19. I watch the Today Show every single weekday morning. I just have to start my day off with Matt Lauer.
  20. I don’t like aliens – they look gross. I have this silly fear that one is going to kidnap me and make me have an alien baby. However, I don’t believe in aliens. Makes no sense, right?
  21. I’m addicted to taking photos. Seriously, I need a twelve step program for it. I take pictures of anything and everything – just ask my hubby, family, or best friends. I think it probably drives most of them nuts!
  22. Speaking of taking photos, I love to take photos of socks and plan to turn my photos of socked feet into my own coffee table book.
  23. I’m a creative person and love to craft. 
  24. I'm also a writer.
  25. I love purses and have an ever growing collection of purses. I also love purse shaped things – note pads, picture frames, magnets, etc.
  26. I’m a birthmother and since placing my son in an open adoption I’ve shared my personal adoption story in a book, a few magazines, numerous different newspapers, the local news, and on the radio.
  27. I’m passionate about issues involving special needs children and love all special needs kiddos and love mine the most!
  28. I’m lucky to have some really awesome friends.
  29. I’m a Christian.
  30. I love reality TV – especially American Idol and Big Brother. 
  31. I enjoy watching news shows like Nancy Grace, Dateline, and 20/20.
  32. I sometimes color (yes in a coloring book – Precious Moments and Care Bears are my favorite) to relieve stress. Seriously, next time you’re stressed trying coloring in a coloring book for a few minutes and tell me it doesn’t relieve your stress. I use colored pencils instead of crayons.
  33. My favorite color is currently brown paired with just about any color but brown & teal and Brown & pink are favorite combos.
And that's it. More that you probably ever wanted to know about me! ;)


  1. Hahaha that is SO how I eat my pizza...except I eat the toppings first! P.S. Carebears are my fave!!

  2. Haha glad I'm not the only one who eats pizza that way.

  3. I color in my (Care Bear or Precious Moments) colorbook when I'm stressed! Just bought new twist-up crayons for grad school stress! :)