Thursday, September 3, 2009

Playing with the Camera Downtown

So my niece Holly and I went downtown today. For months now I have been wanting to take photos at a graffiti wall that Holly had told me about. Well, finally the weather was a little cooler so we weren't melting and she had a day off so we headed downtown cameras and tripod in tow.

We had fun, enjoyed some girl talk and lunch, and of course took some photos in front of the infamous graffiti wall. I think they turned out pretty cool.....
 This one is Holly's favorite I think.

This one is my favorite I think. 
So I told Holly that I thought it would be cool if she got on top of the graffiti wall, half kidding. Well, once the idea was in her head she was determined to get on top of that darn wall. After a little (ok, a lot!) of work of dragging some bricks to use as a little "step" she finally got on top of that wall! Wasn't it worth it?!? LOL
Then we went to this other park downtown that had a cute little fountain and bench so we did a few photos there too although the graffiti wall pictures are definitely my favorite.

 Holly and I don't have any cute recent pictures of us together so we decided to remedy that today using the tripod and the timer. Love it!

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