Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I Made my Momma for Mother's Day

Earlier in the week I mentioned on facebook that I was running to Hobby Lobby to grab a few things I’d need in order to finish making a gift for my Mom and several people demanded um I mean requested that I post pictures when I was finished. Since my Mom is a reader (hi Mom!) of this blog, I couldn’t post the pics until she had the gifts. I made her several different things……

First up, is my favorite thing that I made her. It’s a personalized candle. I saw it online somewhere last week and since my Mom likes candles, I thought it would be a neat gift. I had my Dad email me some pics of me and my Mom as a child and I chose one of those, I changed it from a color photo to a black and white photo just because it looked more vintage that way and then I printed it. I used my scrapbooking paper and ribbon for the rest of it. It turned out way cool if I do say so myself. 

The other thing I made my Mom was a memory jar. I saw the idea on a craft blog last week and thought it was a very neat idea so I started trying to get in touch with my brother, which is not an easy thing! Finally, I spoke with him and he agreed to email me 8 memories he had of him and my Mom from childhood to present day. I typed my memories and typed up a few of Noah’s. I added Andy’s to the mix when he emailed them. I then printed them all out and cut them a part into little strips. I rolled up each strip and then tied it with ribbon. I tied mine with pink ribbon, Andy’s with purple ribbon, and Noah’s with orange ribbon so when my Mom picked them up she’d automatically know who’s she was about to read. I put them all in a glass jar that I decorated with stickers. 

When I asked Noah what he wanted to give my Mom for Mother’s/Nana’s Day (as he named it) he said socks. She gives him socks a lot so this made sense to me. So, I took him to WalMart and let him pick out some of those iron on patch/appliqués in the craft section. Then we picked out matching socks and I ironed them on one night when he was in bed. They turned out super cute and were very inexpensive to make (most of the socks were only 1.00 at WalMart) and now I want to do some for myself! 

So, there ya have it - the crafts I made for my Momma!


  1. Can you say ADORABLE?!!!!! Oh my goodness, how stinkin' cute! My Mom was out of town for Mother's Day (in Bermuda of all places!) and I still haven't got her anything. I think I better make a run to Hobby Lobby --- she'll be home in the morning! Nothing like last minute! LoL :)

  2. LOL Jess! Let me know what you end up making her!