Friday, May 11, 2012

Hair Clip Holder

I love to wear clips/pins in my hair or on my clothes or even attached to a bag. I'm starting to acquire quite a few of them and the only problem with that is that I didn't have a way to easily display them so I wasn't wearing them a lot. So I decided to make something to hold my hair clips.

I simply took a picture frame and painted it my favorite shade of teal. Then I ran two pieces of cream colored grosgrain ribbon on the back of the frame and glued them on the back of the frame using E-6000.

I cut a small butterfly with my Silhouette machine and glued it on the front and hung it up, added my flowers and I was done!

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  1. Such a cute idea! :) (And your wall's looking magnificent with all the pretty stuff on it!)

  2. cute idea. That's what I do to display mine at parties, but mine is a little bigger!