Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The New Doctor

Yesterday we met with a different Doctor regarding Noah's Scoliosis and the surgery he needs. He would be able to do the surgery before December - he probably couldn't do it before May but May is good for me because that was the time line I had been thinking all along.

However, I do have some reservations about him. Some of his answers to my questions totally differed from the answers from the other Doctor. (Meaning the Dr. from Shriner's who has operated on Noah before and who specializes in this sort of thing.) For example, the Dr. at Shriner's had said that we couldn't pick Noah up under the armpits for a year and this new Dr. said a week or two when I asked him that question. I'm not sure why the huge difference of opinion and think it could stem from the Shriner's Dr. being a specialist in dealing with children with special needs and the new Dr. isn't.

Also, this new Dr. hasn't operated on a ton of children although he does all his pediatric surgeries with a pediatric surgeon in the practice. So, where things stand now is the new Dr. is going to consultant with the Shriner's Dr. and the pediatric surgeon and get back to us. 

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