Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gettin' Over it

Notice all the medicine there in that picture? That's a lot of freaking medicine isn't and that doesn't even include all the medicine Noah takes on a daily basis for seizures, behavior, and muscle control. You've probably noticed I have been super quiet for the past week and now that you have seen that picture with all that medicine you've probably guessed that we've had some sick peeps in our house. All of us actually but techincally I guess I should have said were because we are all getting over it. We're not all one hundred percent yet but we are definitely on the mend.

J brought the sickness home first a week ago coming down with strep throat and then two days later during the night Noah's fever spiked up and he was sick too. The next day I made a doctor's appoinment for Noah and he was diagnosed with H1N1. Since I was feeling a bit icky and coughing I was tested too and although my test came back negative the doctor went ahead and started me on meds too knowing that I'd probably come down with it while caring for Noah.

Its been a long week. I was trying to care for Noah and J at the same time while trying to take care of myself. The first three nights Noah had it his fever spiked up high every night getting as high as 102.8. With Noah having epilepsy high fever is always a concern because it could induce seizures so needless to say I am always a little stressed when Noah's fever spikes. I pretty much stayed up all night those nights taking his tempature every hour and then cat napped during the day.

He is feeling better now thankfully. We went ahead and sent him to school today. J is feeling a lot better too. And I think I hit the worst of it Sunday and yesterday so hopefully I'm on my way to recovery. I plan to try and rest and catch up on my missed sleep today and tomorrow and then we meet with a new pediatric surgeon about Noah's back surgery on Thursday.


  1. Thank goodness he's better. When you heard H1N1 you probably freaked out.. scary. It's so hard taking care of everyone when your sick... good job hope you get the rest you need now :)

  2. Thanks Jane! And yes, your right - when I heard H1N1 I freaked a bit.