Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BFF's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I traveled to my BFF's in the Atlanta area to host (along with the other bridesmaids) her bridal shower. We chose a fall theme for the bridal shower and I had a great time planning all the decorations, centerpieces, and what not. I think that everything turned out very nice and Lani loved it all. And of course, I have pictures to share! 

The centerpieces were (fake) pumpkins filled with (fake) flowers. They were sitting on a some scattered leaves and each pumpkin had a framed engagement picture of Lani and Clinton sitting next to it with a tea light candle on either side of it. 

Beautiful Cake

Bride to Be with the Cake

I love to watch Lani open gifts. She gets excited and animated. She makes each person feel like their gift was the best gift ever. You could give the girl a pencil and she'd make you feel like you just gave her a diamond ring or something. 

Lani pinning a "Mother of the Bride" pin on her Mom. 
Lani with her soon to be MIL on the left and her Mom on the right.

Me and my BFF or "the sister God let me choose" as Lani so eloquently says it.

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  1. Looks like Lani had a wonderful shower!
    Give my congrats to Lani & her fiance, hope their wedding day is perfect.