Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

Noah's first day of school was Tuesday. I had hoped that Tuesday morning wouldn't be too bad since we went to the school last week and have been preparing Noah every day since but Tuesday morning was pretty bad. He did not want to get up and get dressed and refused to cooperate at all. He cried most of the morning until the bus finally got there. Noah loves riding the bus so I really thought that would perk him up as it has in the past. But no, he cried as he got on the bus too. He had a pretty rough day at school Tuesday and refused to cooperate, eat, or participate in any activities.
All the other mornings this week have been pretty good. He's gotten dressed much easier and hasn't cried nor fussed. His behavior at school is slowly improving. We all knew that it would take a little time to adjust and he still has a bit to go but he is improving and behaving a little bit better each day.

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  1. Hang in there Noah... It'll get better...
    By the way, my bus drivers name was Peg, she was the best! She use to make home made Root-beer, and give me a gram a bottle on my birthday...