Friday, July 10, 2009

Project 365: June 15 - June 21

Monday June 15 (day 166) Cute brown polka dot latte cup Holly gave me

Tuesday June 16 (day 167) Our Shoes 

Wednesday June 17 (day 168) The boy loves him some (caffiene free) Coke.

Thursday June 18 (day 169) Noah - Up close and personal

Friday June 19 (day 170)

In the car

Saturday June 20 (day 171)

Memory Jar we made for my Dad for Father's Day

Sunday June 21 (day 172)

Noah hugging his Daddy on Father's Day.


  1. Thanks for the sweet e-mail and comment on my blog! I'm so glad you answered! Your Noah is adorable and I assume you noticed we have a Noah too. He will be 8 in November.
    The memory jar is an awesome gift idea! I love that! Maybe I'll get my girls to do that next year for my husband! That would have been a wonderful idea for my grandparents, one of whom Leon was named after. You probably figured out that such an old-fashioned name had to be after someone, huh? His middle name is the same as my husband's "Wayne." It amazes me that my "rebel" named her baby family names. I don't care for those names--- but thought it was the sweetest gesture ever--- and more proof of how far God has brought her. I'll be back to see more of your family. Thanks again for your support during one of the most difficult times in my life. God bless!
    If it's okay, I'll add your Noah to my prayer list. =)

  2. Just wanted to add--- I looked at your photos of Charlie on the post "My 15 Minutes" and he is a doll, too. You do make beautiful children.
    The work you do is such a blessing to others. Again, I thank you for using your experience to minister to others. =)