Sunday, July 19, 2009

200 Days of Project 365

Today marks 200 days of taking photos for Project 365. I'm over halfway there! 

While I may be behind in posting them, I’m not behind in taking them. And hopefully, I’ll get caught up on posting them very soon. At least that is my intention anyways!

I haven’t been working on the layouts though. I think the way I originally set out to do them was too complicated and I just didn’t have time to keep up so I’m going to re-think that and try to come up with a layout that will be much simpler but in the end still have the same result – a completed book with all 365 photos. 

I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. It hasn’t always been easy and there are days that it has been hard to come up with what I should take a picture of and I will admit there may be a day or two I forgot to get a picture or the pictures didn’t turn out so I had to borrow a picture from another day. I’m glad that I have managed to stick with it and I know that when this project is all said and done it is something I will be proud of. 

Check out all my Project 365 pics here.

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