Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Heart Feet Week and We Heart Socks

Recently I stumbled upon a photography blog called I  Faces. Each week they have a different photography challenge and this week is "feet week" so I thought it would be fun to submit one of the many pictures of I have of socked feet.  

Have you ever wondered why I take so many pictures of socked feet? Noah and I (and my Mom - she really started it) have a thing for socks. We (including my Momma) all love fun socks. I can hardly get Noah to wear plain white socks anymore! A couple of years ago, my BFF and I were talking about "coffee table books." You know, photo books that sit on your coffee table and become a conversation piece. She mentioned that she wanted to make a coffee table book full of hands. Well once I started taking photos of myself and Noah in fun socks, I realized that I want to make a coffee table photo book full of photos of socks. Crazy I know - but it will make for an interesting conversation piece don't ya think!
I had a very hard time choosing what feet picture to use but ultimately chose the one below. It's definitely not an award winning shot but those are my second favorite pair of socks and were given to me by a dear friend and they are fun to look at fun to wear.  

Want to see more photos of feet? Check out the I Faces blog.

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  1. Do you remember where you got those socks? My daughter would loooooooove them!