Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Noah's 12th Birthday Recap

Noah's birthday was Saturday. I am now the Mom of a 12 year old. Eeek! As I mentioned in the previous post, in the past we have had big parties but Noah would get stressed out so this year we opted for a very small party and I'm so glad we did! I kept the guest list super small and only included close family. Uncle Andy was able to make it from Charleston and of course Nana and Grandad were present as well as Aunt/Cousin Holly. Noah seemed to really enjoy himself and was happy while opening presents from Grandad's lap, eating chips and (spinach!) dip from Grandad's lap and blowing out the candles on his orange Clemson tiger paw cake. (Nope, he didn't do that from Grandad's lap!) The party had a Clemson theme - meaning we had orange decorations and a tiger paw birthday cake that I made. (Side note - it takes a TON Of food coloring to make icing THAT orange!!)

Noah received many nice gifts as always! Our living room was covered in orange either from gifts or the party decor! Noah received a Clemson bedspread and sheets, a rug with a tiger paw, a Clemson poster, a few other misc. Clemson items for his room, a big inflatable Clemson "tackle buddy," a Clemson polar fleece, books, and much more that just isn't popping to mind at the moment! Noah's room is definitely all decked out in Clemson colors. (We just need to paint the walls and his bookshelf!) Yes, ALL the boys in my life love Clemson.

I'm not that good at taking pictures at Noah's parties because I am typically so involved so this time I just gave my niece, Holly, my camera and let her go to town. (Thank you for being my photographer whenever I need you to Holly! You take much better pictures than the husband!!) She took a TON of pictures; so many that I am really having a hard time deciding which ones to share here!

All in all, my boy had a great birthday!

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