Thursday, October 2, 2008

Born a Momma

Noah was at my parents' house today and they were looking at pictures on the big screen which is one of Noah's favorite things to do. (My Dad has pictures on the computer and it's hooked up to the Television so that you can view pictures on the TV.) So, they were looking at pictures and my Dad put up some of me as a little girl. Noad did NOT like these and did not want to look at them. They tried to explain that it was his Momma when she was a little girl but he didn't want to hear any of that. When he got home, I talked to him a little bit more about it. I showed him a picture of me as a little girl and he said it was not me. It seems he thinks that I was never little. He thinks I was just born his Momma! He's a silly silly boy! Maybe I was born to be a Momma but I wasn't BORN as a Momma and those pictures of me at three years old is proof or that baby would have whiplash from the way I was man handling her! And what good Momma dumps out all her blocks and is really destructive right next to her baby's crib? I was really cute though, don't ya think?!? :)

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