Monday, June 2, 2008

Jenny McCarthy's Louder than Words

Back in the day, when she was a louder-than-words.jpgpopular MTV girl, I wasn't a huge Jenny McCarthy fan, but now that she is the Mom of an autistic child and she is writing and talking about autism and special needs, I'm listening. I love what she said on The View, right before her book came out, (I'm paraphrasing here) but it was something like, "I have a big fat mouth and I'm going to start talking about autism and I'm not going to shut up until people start listening!" Well, Jenny, people are listening!

What's she is talking about is the controversy that has recently come up regarding autism and vaccinations. Some people think that the vaccinations children are given are causing some cases of autism. Jenny discusses this in her book.

I received the book,  Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Austism,for Christmas and thought it was just absolutely amazing. It's the personal journey of Jenny's son, Evan, and how he came about to being diagnosed as austic. Just like any good Momma who's child is diagnosed with some type of special need, Jenny started researching. She has a self declared degree in Google Research! She asked questions, pushed, researched, and didn't stop until she found the answers she was looking for which is how she conculded the autism/vaccination connection in Evan's autism.

Even if you don't buy into the autism and vaccination correlation theory, Jenny's book is still a good read for Moms who might have autistic children or a good read for someone who just wants to read about a Momma's journey and love. A word of warning about Jenny's book though; it is rampant with foul language! She literally curses like a sailor. I tried to over look it but at times it was too much to ignore, so be forewarned that the language is bad!

I think that often times we put celebrities on a pedestal, we forget they are normal human beings and when Jenny was dealing with her son's autism diagnosis, she was just a normal Momma. I love the fight I have seen in her since the book has come out and she has traveled the talk show circuit promoting her book and the cause of autism.

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