Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surgery Before and After Photos

Considering all that he has been through since May, Noah is doing so well. He still has moments of pain, mainly only when he is being moved or carried and is no longer on any pain medicine other than Motrin or Tylenol occasionally. He’s not totally one hundred percent yet and that may still take a little while (it was a brutal surgery after all) but each day he seems a smidge more like the “old Noah.”

I had previously written how Noah was having a lot of “flutters” (seizure like activity) and am happy to report that those seem to have gone away on their own. The stress and pain of surgery could likely have been the cause of them. He is having more meltdowns than he typically does but again, with all he’s been through I think it’s understandable.

He is sitting up pretty well but still not for long periods of time so we will be working on that as he will need to be able to sit up for most of the school day when school starts in a little over a month. Seeing him sit up now is just amazing. He does so well. He looks much taller (well he is taller, the surgery did add a little height) and more grown up now.

I leave you with some amazing before and after pictures……

You can click on them to see them larger if you need to. Amazing don't ya think?!? 


  1. Totally awesome testimony! Noah looks stronger with each pic you post and the surgery was such a success. A vey special boy for a very special mommy..what more could you ask:)

  2. I still cry when I see the pic of him in the orange shirt in straight chair - first pic I saw of N sitting up after surgery by HIMSELF in a straight chair.

    God is Good !!!

    Love u guys