Friday, January 22, 2010

Researching, Reading, and Praying

I know I've been pretty quiet since my overwhelmed post that I wrote right after coming home from Noah's doctors appointment. My head is still swimming from all the information!! Over the past week, I've been reading, researching, and talking to other parents' whos children have the type of Scoliosis associated with Cerebral Palsy. I've also been praying, (lots and lots of praying!) soul searching, spending time with my family, and having a small meltdown or two a long the way. 

Let me tell you, I was right, talking with other parents was definately the way to go. Albeit some of the information hasn't been positive and definately hasn't been easy to digest or what I wanted to hear, it was truthful information from a parents point of view. I need to know what we are walking into should we choose to move forward with the surgery and while Noah's doctor is full of knowledge, other parents who have lived it are able to give me a different type of knowledge. 

So many of you have reached out to me via text messages, emails, cards, phone calls, etc - thank you to all of you for that. Even if I haven't yet had a chance to respond, every thought and prayer has been and is appreciated. It means a lot to us to feel your love and to know that so many people are praying and thinking of us.

Many of you have asked how Noah is doing. You recall me
writing about how I thought he was starting to maybe feel a little bit of pain. He has had a few moments where I feel like he may be hurting but overall he is doing well and is just being his usual silly and lovable self.

So, that's where things stand as of this moment! 

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  1. Keep your head up =) your message is saved in my phone for a reason ;)