Thursday, September 18, 2008

Space Mom

I have been having some real Space Mom moments lately all that involve Noah and his school. I’m sure his new teacher thinks I’ve lost my brain!! I was really feeling badly about it and felt like a terrible Mom but yesterday when I was watching The View Sherri and Elizabeth were talking about some of the spacey moments they have had lately. Elizabeth even forgot when the first day of school was and sent her child a day late! I guess we all spacey moments. Last Friday, I completely over slept and Noah missed the bus. J had to come home and take him to school late. Then Monday, I was going to make Noah’s lunch and I realized we were out of the already made, frozen, no crust PB&J sandwhiches Noah takes for lunch. So, I go to just make him a sandwhich. Nope, no bread! (In my defense, J fixed Noah’s lunch Friday AM and failed to tell me he was out of PB&J sandwhiches.) Don’t worry – I wrote a note to his teacher and I asked that he get a school lunch that day. Then Tuesday morning, I completely forgot to put his braces and shoes in his backpack! Geesh! So far, no crazy space moments today!!

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