Saturday, February 6, 2016

Noah's Wish: Day 2

Yesterday, Friday, was our first full day at Disney World. We still hadn't really clued Noah in on what he was here for and what all was going on. Even as we drove in to Disney World. he knew something was up, but it wasn't sinking in. We chose to go to the Magic Kingdom first because we felt it has the most to offer for a little guy like Noah.

The first roller coaster we went on was Space Mountain. I rode this as a child but as an adult roller coasters seem pretty scary but I was determined to ride it with my Noah. It wasn't the most thrilling experience ever but it wasn't the most horrible experience ever either and it was over in 5 minutes. After that though, I stayed off the coasters! But Noah rode them ALL. I think Snow White's mine trail was his favorite. He rode it more than once.

Noah on It's a Small World
But I think the favorite part of the whole day for all of us was It's a Small World. We didn't really think Noah would enjoy this ride that much as it is on the slower side but he loved it! First of all, they have a special wheelchair boat where they lay a ramp down and we just wheeled him on and then there were seats for the rest of us. He's really comfortable in his wheelchair (it's molded to fit him after all) so whenever he can stay in it, he seems more comfortable and stable. Then, he just enjoyed the whole ride. All the colors, all the children, the soft music, the cool breeze; it was just soothing. I was towards the back of the boat while my Mom was up in the front closer to Noah but I could hear her explaining things to him like the children were from different countries and they were signing the same song in different languages and how at the very end, it was the word goodbye in many different languages. Noah's eyes were big, he was engaged, looking around, and soaking it all in. It was definitely a high light of the day for all of us.

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