Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No Sew T-Shirt Apron

I made my first t-shirt apron for myself awhile back. It's the teal and red one (that matches my kitchen!) pictured to the right that Noah's (former) PCA is so beautifully modeling.

Recently a friend asked me to make her one so I thought I'd take step by step photos to share it with you all. It's really not a hard project and it's pretty inexpensive but turns out so cute. It would make a perfect gift and an inexpensive group project for craft groups. 

Ok, let's get started. You will need:

  • A T-Shirt (You could recycle an old tee or watch for the craft stores to put them on half off and snatch up a few like I did.)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Ribbon (works best with wide ribbon at the top.)
  • Embellishments (The sky is the limit here! Rosettes, appliques, flowers, rhinestones, paint stencils, etc.)

Step 1
Cut off the t-shirt just below the armpits. Discard the top portion. 

Step 2
Fold over the top and pin it. I pin it mainly because it helps me make sure it is straight. Once it is all pinned, slowly take off the pins and glue down using the fabric glue. Then, so there isn't a messy edge showing, I fold it down once more and glue it down again. 

Step 3
Now you'll need to determine how much ribbon you'll need. I just loosely wrap the ribbon around my waist as a guide and use that.  Once I cut the ribbon, I folded it in half to find the half way point and I also fold the apron in half to find the half way point in it. Then I start gluing the half way point of the ribbon down onto the halfway point of the apron. This way you'll have even pieces hanging from each end. Continue gluing it all across the apron.

Lastly, I heat seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Now your done with apron part and you get to do the fun part; embellishing!

I chose to freezer paper stencil a cupcake on this apron.  I just cut the cupcake out of freezer paper using my Silhouette machine and ironed it on. Then I painted it using acrylic paint mixed with textile medium. I painted the frosting chocolate and the cupcake liner pink. When it dried, I went back and added some pink dots for sprinkles and glued on a red rhinestone for the cherry. (Check out this link for an in depth tutorial on freezer paper stenciling.)


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  1. Such a cute idea. Just found your blog and signed up for email notices.
    Quick question...being a beginner I don't understand the freezer paper stencil. Cut the design and iron on....does freezer paper stick when ironed? Thanks for any explanation that might help me picture this process.

  2. Lexy, if you check out this post http://www.coleyscorner.com/2011/05/all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about.html I explain freezer paper stenciling in great detail but to answer your question, yes you iron freezer paper onto your material that you are stenciling on. It has a shiny side and a dull side - you iron the shiny side down.