Thursday, August 16, 2012

Open House

School starts on Monday (yay!) and today was the annual Open House at Noah's school. The classrooms are ready and open, the kids are excited to be back, and the Moms fill out a zillion forms.

Noah has had the same teacher (Mrs.F) and been in the same classroom for the past three years now. It's odd to most for that to happen because most kids get new teachers each year but sometimes that's how things work at schools for children with special needs. We just assumed that Noah would have the same teacher and be in the same class again this year so we were surprised when we checked in and found out Noah was going to be in a new class and have a new teacher, (Mrs. H) new aides, and new classmates.

We walked down to the room quietly. The new class is right by his old class, in fact they are connected by a bathroom. His old teacher was actually in there at the moment talking to Mrs. H and he was so excited to see her. I tyhink she could tell that we all looked a little disoriented and she asked if we realized that this move was a promotion. We did not! She said that it was indeed a promotion, moving him to a class where he'd have more responsibilities and opportunities.

Noah's school is big on giving all the high school age kids "jobs" in the school to teach them life and work skills they can use in the future since most of these kids will not be going on to pursue higher education. For example, one of Noah's jobs in the past was attendance taker - he would go to all the classrooms and gather the attendance cards and then go to the front office and turn them in to the secretary. Last year, he began working a little bit with his new class on recycling. He really enjoyed it and they said he did really well with it and so that is what led them to the new class. He'll be learning more about how to recycle, collecting recyclable materials through out the school, and educating other students about recycling. This is the kid who gets mad if I leave the room and leave the lights on so I think this is right up his alley!

Right now, though, he's not really happy about the change. He has been asking every ten minutes or so since we got home to go back to Mrs. F's class. The first week or so is probably going to be a challenge for all involved but I really think once Noah gets used to it, he is going to love it. He really thrives on having responsibilities and I think he's going to enjoy this year!

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  1. Awww, poor Noah! I know the transition will take some time, but it sounds like this is an arrangement that he is really going to thrive in. I'll be praying for you and him during these first few weeks of school.